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July 30, 2010

Childhood Friend..

I don’t know if I can call you my Childhood Friend or that of Adolescence?
But does it matter anyway-I know we will be friends till senescence.

Do you remember the gangly,gauche girls playing ball?

And sharing glances of empathy when surrounded by all?

Who understood each other without any understanding,

A friendship blossoming over distance,yet undemanding.

Sundays,Reader’s Digest,Bisi Bhele Bhat

Ferreting out recalcitrant cats.

Gossip,advice,confidences and future plans

Fondly remembered by me in India,a dear Amerikan.

Go find the next mountain to climb

And may your days be full of happiness sublime.

PS: This post was written as a Birthday Gift for my gal-pal Sandhya.This feels just right for the spirit of Friendship Day "Friends Forever" Contest by Blogadda. and Pringoo.


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