Words can create magic and I want to get lost in them for some part of each day.

May 31, 2010

Connotations of Lust.

So you have finally come-
You occassional visitor
Whose memory beguiles and sustains me.
For one whole year I have waited-
and lusted for this moment.
To lose myself in your enticing smell
To caress your ripe contours
To put my lips on your honeyed skin
To drink deep,to quench my pent-up thirst
Don't stop me now
I don't care what people will say
Allow yourself to be consumed beloved
Let the sweetness unbidden flow
Till I touch your unyielding core
And am replete. Yet not so much,
as not to want some more
Ah! heavenly,beloved......!

Thoughts on forty!

My hair has gone sporadically white
And my tongue is sharper than my sight.

I  can tell the real from the fake
And I know when and which rules to break.

I still am a learner of the art of tact.
Of handling diplomatically the uncomfortable facts.

I know that living alone is not easier-
Nor living together breezier.

And yet you must take a stand,
Have courage to drop anchor in the shifting sands.

Shucks! Am I doing a retrospective?
By getting all introspective?

Let us talk of joys that nothing can dim,
My children  and my child-like pleasure in the Gym

Sure, I am not the ideal mom nor leaner or faster
But well away from being a basketcase parent or a lifestyle disaster.

Let’s talk of wrinkles: I call them mere crinkles
And my kids love how they define my eyes when they twinkle.

With them I rejoice
Being Forty is rather nice.

May 26, 2010

Oh rear!


O Venus! on your stunt risque and unabashed
The last word surely belongs to (Ogden) Nash:

"In the vanities,no one wears panities"

So now you will blaze the French Open flaunting an al-fresco derri`ere
Though we fail to understand why you should want us to forget your (elegant)game and remember your  posterior!

May 21, 2010

The Langoor!

The Langoor!
Is a handsome simian Moor.
He can climb and jump in a whack!
His pelage is silver his face black.

When he is not lounging in the sun
He loves to trapeze for fun. 
Yet,I find him not so gregarious
rather remote,haughty and serious!

picture: wikipedia.org   

May 20, 2010

The Lemur!

                                          picture: wikipedia.org   

The lemur !
His humerus is much shorter than his femur.

His black and white tail is twice his size.
He has  goggly,orange eyes.

His coat is dark
His face puny and stark.

He has tiny white ears
He doesn't talk-he clicks and jeers!

He lives in the Madagascar
For his funny-ness he deserves an Oscar!

May 18, 2010

what's in a kiss?


  There was  a young lady on the make,
  ready to do whatever it takes,
  to climb to the top of the celebrity ladder.
   Kissing, for me is an occupational hazard,
There is no difference between men,lizards and snakes!

May 14, 2010

Progressively Treeless!

 tree cut by the BRT employees at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg in the Capital  — Tribune photo by Mukesh Aggarwal

When all the trees have died
in making all the roads wide
and buildings glitzy and bright
We will condition the air inside
But who will stop the dust tides?
And where will the birds hide?
Till when must we blindly ride,
to meet an Oxygen-less,arid suicide?

May 10, 2010

The Drongo

When the drongo 
 Cries like a shrill trombone 
All the birds chorus and throngo 
A black,boisterous,avian Bongo 
Jiving and diving airborne Rambo
 A tattling, monger of tales is Drongo

May 9, 2010

Love,smarts and Dogs.

I have a theory which can be easily validated
Dogs understand love,People are too complicated.

People’s loves are fragile,friable,needing provings galore.
People’s peeves are proliferous,and they always keep the score.

Whereas a dog with the wiggle of his bum,the thump of his tail and his liquid eyes,
lets you know indubitabily and irrefutably that you are the light of his life.

One more thing which is highly pertinent,
Is that a dog responds to your heart and will love you regardless of your being foolish,unsuave,ugly or bent.

People,on the other hand,are more advanced,and respond mainly to external cues,
Fretting over  their  own  and others’  looks,image,perceptions and views.

And,though semantics imply that dogs should be able to bitch,
We all know that,*that* is a uniquely human itch.

As for dogs,their itches are all physical,
And their fights ephemeral.

They fight for fun,and have fun while they fight,
Unlike people’s unenviable plight-

Of sleeping with their grudges and clutching to their pride
Letting their loves wither,not letting hate subside.

This,in short, goes to explain,
Why a dog is savvier about love,despite his smaller brain


A lady,brash and rustic from UP
Brazenly bedecked herself with garlands of ruppees.
Building statues of self,and  flaunting power and pelf
is my style,and it works! -tell that god$*@#%d  preppie 
He may be the Yuvraaj,but I am the Queen of UP!

May 6, 2010

Kill boredom before it kills you!

Every girl needs to giggle,
just as every bum needs some wiggle.
Bums and girls when tightly wired,
become dispirited,dyspeptic and dire.

Every wisecrack needs some banter,
every verse some commenter.
Jokes and verses when alone,
melt in the heat like an icecream cone.

Every important pompous upstart,
every monotonous,boring old f**t,
if they could discover the lighter view,
would spread more warmth,and cause less rue.

Every drudge doing the drudgery,
needs some laughs,all will agree.
Boredom and doldrums,it's very true,
slowly,humdrumly,surely kill you.

May 4, 2010

GaGa Saga!

The curiously christened lady Ga-Ga
Attired herself like some warlord Naga
She painted herself in dreadful hues
and moved around in underclothes few,
Looking like some surreal quagga*
The atrocious,misguided lady Ga-Ga.

Quagga*(n)-A recently extinct member of the horse family.

The Shrike!

Impaler of dead lizards on thorny spikes!
The Shrike-

Tharoor suroor!


The Lady from Dubai

There was a not-so-young lady from Dubai 

Who wanted to fly really High
So she got herself a ministerial Boyfriend
And stomped her feet for a piece of IPL pie
He lost the chair,she the pie-ah!the lady from Dubai.
Ex- Minister's Woe

A suave minister(ex), nicely tressed
These days is looking distressed
Why,instead of following my tweets
Everybody is IPL and sweat-equity obsessed
Me and my Girl-we are Hexed! 

Lord ! make me Bounteous and Bootyful!!

You need not know that Galileo preceded Newton
Or that a dead sheep in French is muton

Who was Keats, why he hated Byron
But you will be famous and rich if you are a sexy siren.

Even though you mistake the duodenum for the oesophagus
The world will still love you if you are steatopygus.

And that is why I intensely crave
Just for once to become a babe.

If I could be born again
I’d love to be JLo or Kim Kardashian.

Or to be more local and less contemporary
A Zeenat or Parveen in youthful glory.

Put me in any race,creed or era,
As long as it’s Helen or Shakira.

Make me Monroe , make me Cruz
Make me Hussain’s latest muse.

Multitudely,Pulchritudinous heavenly houri,
       Kaif Katrina , a Barbara Mori.

Bestow on me silken tresses,flawless skin that invites caresses.
Saucery eyes,beestung lips;tinny waist ,curvy hips.

Everything else would be meretricious
If I could be babelicious.

May 3, 2010

Suffering from a bad case of niceness!

I really admire propriety and social niceties
Though they make me groan like I have appendicities

I think it is proper to bid teary Goodbye
To someone who had been a stye in your eye.

And I may have disliked but never shirked
The onerous,dreary protocol work.

I know that uttering the Truth
Is socially uncouth.
But sometimes I do wonder,what would ensue,if, for example,
You gave the twat sitting across the table,of your thoughts,a sample.

The fireworks and  the violent hiss!
That would follow the balloon prick.

Such idle fancy and pleasing thought
Lives not long and is soon cut short.

When I realize that being nice maybe a hard burden to bear
But other’s ill-considered views about myself I am loath to hear.

Being  compulsively nice to others is a disease
Now be nice to me everyone please!