Words can create magic and I want to get lost in them for some part of each day.

October 27, 2010


गोल गुम्बद ,झरोखे जालीदार
तस्वीरों से सजे दरो-दीवार .
दीवारों में  बसी बीती कहानियाँ
घुंघरूओं की सदा ,रानियों की निशानियाँ .
कहीं मीनाकारी के नीले टुकड़े
कहीं शीशे से उकेरे फूल और पत्ते .
पुराने बागों के पिंजर
ऊंची सीढ़ियों के मंदिर 
बेतवा किनारे खड़े हैं ये  खंडहर ग़मगीन
यहाँ थिरकी थी कभी राय परवीन.
अब तो न जशन है, न रक्स  है
बस थमे हुए वक़्त का इक उम्दा अक्स है.

October 21, 2010

बच्चों के साथ हाट-बाज़ार.

धक्का-मुक्की और आवाजें
कर लो फ़ल ,सब्जी,मिटटी से बातें.

पके टमाटर ,हरे  मटर.
कद्दू , परवल ,लाल चुकंदर .

टोकरों से ताके हैं गुट-गुट 
पालनों में नन्हों के माफिक .

ऐंठ रहे हैं मूली-गाजर 
गोभी रानी का साथ पाकर.

भीड़ में ग़ुम हैं आलू राजा 
बैगन  याद दिलाये भाजा .

खींच रही सीताफल की महक.
लुभा रही हरे लहसुन की लहक  .

चिकने अमरुद चमकाएँ आँखें
हरे चने , आंवलें  को ताकें .

अंजीर रसभरी की बाहों में डोला 
मैं मिठास तू रस है बोला .

ख़ुदा  ने क्या रंग और स्वाद को घोला !
क्यों तुम्हें चाहिए टॉफी -कोला ?

October 17, 2010


There was a rich man from Mumbai
Who wanted to live in the sky
He spent two billion dollars
And built a 550 feet high tower
Four lakh square feet of plate glass to dazzle the Eye

Antilia -I

If it wasn't crass it would be funny
How the moneyed flaunt their money.
When to say enough
I guess is very tough
When your second name is Ambani.

October 12, 2010

A Girl and a Basketball.

Thwack! the Ball hits the Board,
Totters on the edge ,but misses the Basket.
A collective groan from the sweaty horde
And then , dribble, pass, another attempt… 

As Shadows gain length
My mind is on rewind.
My love for movement ,my love for strength
Basketball helped me find.

As I walk past the bustling courts
I can see the girl in a skirt and pigtails
The girl who was too shy to play team Sports.
The girl who was sure she would fail.

I can hear the PT teacher’s exasperated sigh
Well at least she is tall
May be we can let her try
Her luck at playing Basketball.

And  with that my tryst began
Learning to dribble that ball Red and grainy
Making it come alive under my childish hands
Jumping,running,passing the ball with a zest zany

Ragged breath, blood in the ears,
Swollen fingers,grazed knees
Pushing on despite all fears
The off-court camaraderie.

Studying tactics to keenly assess
The weakest links of the rivals;
Giving up your shot to give your mates passes
Luring Gods-by chanting Hanuman Chalisa ,kissing Bible!

Days when the world hung on winning tosses-
And getting the Basket was the highest Good
Days of Incredible wins ,ignominious losses
Days of changing can’ts into coulds.

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October 7, 2010


Nippy air,runny noses
Sudden evenings,first Roses.
Lets air our cupboards and whitewash our rooms
Nature herself is set to bloom.
Lay the beds,turn the soil.
Floral bounties need some toil.
Winter is on her way
And festive times will hold a sway.
Hail the crisp blue skies and sunny days.
Lets enjoy the weather's milder face.

October 6, 2010


Squirrel,  I want-
your grey coat with chocolate stripes
and to be able to jump and climb in a trice.
I love the way you flounce around,
holding the nut that you just found.
Or the way you chatter and tease
Lazy cats eyeing the trees.
I would love to do an exchange :
your thick bushy tail in place of my mane.
But even if you don't agree
Come everyday on a nut-collecting spree.