Words can create magic and I want to get lost in them for some part of each day.

November 24, 2012

Complain against Planes.

Some like the plane
Some like the Train

Airport dashers can never understand
Why some old fashioned folks travel by land .

Why would anyone commit the Crime
Of  not lopping off Travel Time.

Much harassed as I am
By the late trains and the latest planes :

I have decided that I would like to remain
with the relatively less Insane.

Time saved on planes is a great attraction
unless it becomes a laughable Abstraction.

The sad and Cruel truth is this :
The Promise of the Aeroplane is about as fast and fickle as a First Kiss.

You think it will be smooth ,silky and smouldering
But it lingers on the Edge of Take -off for an eternity and leaves you weary ,teary and glowering.

The plane like a Jerk -does not really need you or want you :but dallies - with all the postponements :
Keeping you imprisoned in Departures -you sinner - to ensure that you do not scrimp on the Atonement.

And if you ever do Arrive on time-
Why - your luggage is sure to lag behind

You  Ass : so you needed  Fairy Tales
All you get is permanently lit , noisy and painted Lounge as your dreary Jail .

Had you gone for the slow but steady Train
Talking sleeping, eating, meeting : you and your belongings would be in one piece -sans complain.

Of course like all Fairy Tales - once in a while - the Aeroplane one - comes true
on which pretext Airlines continue to test the travellers' patience,docility,meekness and such-like virtues.

November 23, 2012

From the diary of my Mother.

are my desire to have a piece of the Sky
a shaft of Golden Light
Air -
to ventilate
the dark nooks and crannies
of my cloistered mind
Curtains (white,starched)
are my need to shut out the world.
the mad,the bad and the unexpected -
the storms and the Peeping Toms.
I want to Cross -
God knows I do :
but on my terms
To step out
you need Doorways
but for now
I am happy
with just
a Window
and a Curtain.
Maybe  I
should have changed into a Cat
a Cat door would
suit me
so much better.
There is no fuss then
about all
the comings and goings  
and all the ways would be mine.
Is the possibility of an Exit
a sufficient deterrent
or the ease of Entrance ?

November 21, 2012

धूप .

धुआं -धुआं सा हट गया है
आज कोहरा छट गया है।

सफर था जो कंटीला, दुरूह
चलते-चलते कट गया है।

कुछ लिख के ,कह के,सुन के
दर्द बिखर या बँट गया है।

कुछ सह के ,कुछ नदी सम बह के -
गए अँधेरे  : सूरज फिर से डट गया है।