Words can create magic and I want to get lost in them for some part of each day.

November 29, 2010

Absence Of Love.

The absence of love -
Is Confinement of the Soul.
A pond of sludge where no lotus grows.
A River run Dry.
A Temple Forlorn.
A cup of cold Coffee
With all the Bitterness and no Warmth.
A shriveled  desiccating  Flower.
A Machine which refuses to ignite.
A Child who has forgotten to Play.
Trudging up wearily, a Jagged,Rocky Path.
Flirting with Who can Have a Deeper Fall.
A Pointed Finger, Ears Shut,Wagging Tongue
Where Unkind meets the Blind.
Where everything is a Profit and Loss Account.
Where the Gardener  Forgot
To Cherish the Fruits that grow from the Seed
To Water and to Feed;
And kicks at The Dirt
Counting the Weeds.
Let us tend and mend all the Shattered Shards.
Refill the Void where Splendorous Love Dwelt.
For Absence Of  Love is Interminable Pain.


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