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August 5, 2011

Circulars Are Circular.

We have
Specially A Group
To give Integrated Inputs
And to Develop Policy Perspectives
Strategic and Futuristic .
In Our Way Forward
We must meet Tomorrow Today.
Human Resources are Paramount
Personnel Management is the Sparkling Fount.
So Kindly  Presently Suggest 
Ways and Means For 
Spreading Motivation through
Recognition of Work.
Keep in mind that
This is Separate from
Though not Exclusive Of 
The existing schemes for 
Reward, Appreciation, Acknowledgment Of Merit ,
Morale Building And Awards of Excellence.
All Applicable Rules Regulations Ceilings Criteria
GOI decisions thereunder and Rulings thereof Inter alia ,
may be adhered to , and Consensus arrived at
before forwarding-
Through Proper Channel Please
with Prior Approval Of
The Competent Authority.


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