Words can create magic and I want to get lost in them for some part of each day.

July 14, 2010


I can smell the rains in the air
I can see it in the multiplying critters
The dresses adhering to perspiring backs
Kids hankering for evening fritters.

And yet the pregnant Clouds labour
From Gwalior to Delhi
Without delivering
The wilful rains in their belly.

The air hangs still,heavy. 
Let us find a midwife
with magic potions
Or even better- a way with the knife.

Let us cut them open
We have been awash in sweat enough.
A different drenching would be welcome
I am sick of the cloud's bluff.


  1. No rains yet !!! Maybe a yagna will help

  2. yeh ho kar nahin hona bahut takleef deta hai.

  3. Hi Varsha,
    Read your four poems in row... they are short and sweet, and moreover captures the essence in quite an imaginative way...
    Nice work...

  4. good one. i am already feeling perspired.

  5. @silentdreamz,@Harish,
    glad you liked my poems :)thanks for reading.

  6. varsha, honestly speaking, i thought it was about some eternal waiting of a beloved or something, but LOL, this sweltering weather with high humidity makes the clouds (pregnant) a much desirable beloved!!

    sweet post!

  7. Restless!thanks.You are right-this sweltering weather also makes all beloveds except rains undesriable :))

  8. this was lovely!
    you sure have a way with words and express so beautifully!!
    always a pleasure!!

  9. thanks Sir! without generous friends like you my blog starts feeling lonely!

    Raja! welcome to the blog,and thanks for liking as well as commenting.