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May 9, 2010

Love,smarts and Dogs.

I have a theory which can be easily validated
Dogs understand love,People are too complicated.

People’s loves are fragile,friable,needing provings galore.
People’s peeves are proliferous,and they always keep the score.

Whereas a dog with the wiggle of his bum,the thump of his tail and his liquid eyes,
lets you know indubitabily and irrefutably that you are the light of his life.

One more thing which is highly pertinent,
Is that a dog responds to your heart and will love you regardless of your being foolish,unsuave,ugly or bent.

People,on the other hand,are more advanced,and respond mainly to external cues,
Fretting over  their  own  and others’  looks,image,perceptions and views.

And,though semantics imply that dogs should be able to bitch,
We all know that,*that* is a uniquely human itch.

As for dogs,their itches are all physical,
And their fights ephemeral.

They fight for fun,and have fun while they fight,
Unlike people’s unenviable plight-

Of sleeping with their grudges and clutching to their pride
Letting their loves wither,not letting hate subside.

This,in short, goes to explain,
Why a dog is savvier about love,despite his smaller brain


  1. Well written, I too have a dobberman pup, she is so good and my best companion till date. She is the biggest stress buster for me and people are other way round!

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  3. Anto! thanks.
    I used to have a she-lab and now a pack of strays-and their love is such a balm!