Words can create magic and I want to get lost in them for some part of each day.

May 4, 2010

Lord ! make me Bounteous and Bootyful!!

You need not know that Galileo preceded Newton
Or that a dead sheep in French is muton

Who was Keats, why he hated Byron
But you will be famous and rich if you are a sexy siren.

Even though you mistake the duodenum for the oesophagus
The world will still love you if you are steatopygus.

And that is why I intensely crave
Just for once to become a babe.

If I could be born again
I’d love to be JLo or Kim Kardashian.

Or to be more local and less contemporary
A Zeenat or Parveen in youthful glory.

Put me in any race,creed or era,
As long as it’s Helen or Shakira.

Make me Monroe , make me Cruz
Make me Hussain’s latest muse.

Multitudely,Pulchritudinous heavenly houri,
       Kaif Katrina , a Barbara Mori.

Bestow on me silken tresses,flawless skin that invites caresses.
Saucery eyes,beestung lips;tinny waist ,curvy hips.

Everything else would be meretricious
If I could be babelicious.


  1. Hilarious...Absolutely loved it.

  2. Purba! sach! bas ek din ke liye I want to transform myself into a sylph!
    Samadrita!welcome! what a lovely name you have!!
    Thanks! da!