Words can create magic and I want to get lost in them for some part of each day.

May 31, 2010

Connotations of Lust.

So you have finally come-
You occassional visitor
Whose memory beguiles and sustains me.
For one whole year I have waited-
and lusted for this moment.
To lose myself in your enticing smell
To caress your ripe contours
To put my lips on your honeyed skin
To drink deep,to quench my pent-up thirst
Don't stop me now
I don't care what people will say
Allow yourself to be consumed beloved
Let the sweetness unbidden flow
Till I touch your unyielding core
And am replete. Yet not so much,
as not to want some more
Ah! heavenly,beloved......!


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  2. That was lovely. Though I knew what it could be in this season but for many it'd have been something very different. :-)

  3. Thanks Nisha!
    LOL!We only think of mangoes-others have one-track minds!!

  4. Really well written.
    The ending was unexpected! :D