Words can create magic and I want to get lost in them for some part of each day.

December 25, 2011

Living Up and Counting Down !

Ah the Countdown has begun !
To the celebratory  Paroxysms of  Fun...

Christmas followed by New Year 
There will be Excess of Food ,Wine and Good Cheer 

A whirl of eating ,buying ,meeting 
Gifting , merry- X-masing and New Year Greeting :)

Scrambling to cross the line of 2011 
In glitzy malls and shiny Consumer Heavens.

Tinsel trinkets will glow and glitter 
And next day forlornly lie in litter.

Cakes,cookies , Chocolates will Dissolve 
Jeeringly your Pious Resolves .

A Drink or *few* will add to Confusion
Bury the last year : lets have another New Year, one more Resolution :))


  1. Ha ha. That was a great way to greet the new year and the holiday season. Wish you a very  happy new year, resolution or not!

  2. :D I love this poem.I don't know how I missed this.  
    I'm your new follower :)

     Welcome to my world too Varsha! :) I'll be more than glad to hear from you on my blog!