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May 9, 2011

Eucalyptus Obnoxious.

The mozzies hate it,
The Ozzies love it.
But I get rather tight-lipped
When I see the silver-barked Eucalypt.

I detest the way its (non) branches sway in the breeze
An anti-tree - a blot on all trees.
No shade,no shelter,no fruit,no food.
Acid buds fall where mango and neem once stood.

It spites the soil on which it grows
Turning arid fields and meadows.
Water sucker, pernicious-
Revels in monoculture obnoxious.

It grows fast,It burns fast
It kills other flora ,but lasts and lasts.
I often think, the Eucalyptus -
Is an embodiment of some Botanical Grudge or Animus.


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