Words can create magic and I want to get lost in them for some part of each day.

December 18, 2012

Bus Ride to Hell.

I am relieved :
It was not me -
Who took a ride to Hell
On a  curtained ,White Bus 

with red seats
and a Torture cabin
where lurked 
Beasts wearing 
masks of men .

Where the dirty ,misshapen hag 
of Evil Opportunity was making out
in the dark - with the malevolently grinning
frustrated, misogynist Male psyche
It was a Dark jungle -well lit
where the red lights eerily blinked
on the triptych of  Vishnu-Siva -Ganesh
and a shimmery ,pompooned banner said:
Jai mata di.

She stood near those Paper Gods
and watched her Body 

as it lay -
in a Gigantic spasm 
of Epileptic Grief
She heard the choking 
of muffled cries
as the Diseased
uncorked their Dementia.
Every helpless thrashing dimmed :
she saw a baby dear 
set upon by a pack of hungry Jackals.
She saw a
her body 
hanging on to life
as she died again and again.

I was relieved it was not me:
Between the headline masts-
But it could have been me or mine 
It could have been you or yours.
And the Ghost of the Unspeakable
is here to haunt us all
for a long -long time. 


  1. What is there to say, Varsha? It is all so stark and depressing. Why don't women in power, most notably our honorable CM resign in shame? If a woman head of the state can't give the assurance of protection to the women of her state, what more can be said?

  2. Briliant portrayal. I am still in shiver and shock. Such a heinous act..Whats' the point of having a women CM when she cant make city safe for normal gals? Sonia Gandhi, we expect more from you pl!

  3. The physically weaker sex has to take charge.Self defence training should be made compulsory and free. Will the women leaders join forces to take steps in this direction?
    No amount of gadgets like CCTV or laws are going to work unless the Woman learns unarmed combat.

  4. its the time we stop being just mere spectators of crime,its the time to be the change...very well written poem..


  5. Blood really burns when I read about this incident.... Should hang them. No! Should do the same to them

  6. The incident has shaken every woman soul.... hoping that it did the same for every man soul ....

  7. A very depressing story of brutal assault occurring in broad daylight. It is high time we wake up and each of us take charge to protect our women so that they can live safely and with equality and dignity.

  8. Sob sob :( :'(